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3DLP projectors

Regardless of the size of the venue or display, audiences will be captivated by 3DLP projection options that offer superior performance, high brightness and exceptional image quality.


Christie® 3DLP®​ projectors outshine the competition by using light more efficiently to display any image, data or video, with clarity and brilliance. The result is brightness uniformity throughout the image and consistent, reliable brightness for the lifetime of the projector. With a range of high-performance features and brightness levels, you can choose the projector that will be a best-fit for your requirements. 


The Christie 3DLP projectors include: 

 Boxe​r Series

 Multiple resolutions, 20,000 - 30,000 center lumens, mercury lamp-illuminated

 J Series*

 Multiple resolutions, 9,350 - 22,000 center lumens, xenon lamp

 M Series*

 Multiple resolutions, 6,600 - 14,000 center lumens, mercury lamp

 Mirage Series

 ​3D models, multiple resolutions from SXGA+ to 4K and 600-35,000 lumens

*3D Upgradable

Christie’s 3DLP projectors range from 2,900 center lumens to 45,000 center lumens and are equipped with either xenon or mercury illumination, meeting the requirements for applications of any size and budget.

We’ve made it easy to future-proof your investment by being the first projector manufacturer to offerfull upgrade paths for select 3DLP 2D projectors and Mirage Series (3D) models. This upgrade adds advanced 3D capabilities to most models in Christie’s DLP family of products.

Whatever your vision might be – from a simple meeting room to the most sophisticated live event – Christie delivers the best 3DLP projection experience.

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